Deixe-me ser então
You can’t handle this

You can’t handle this

If I lay down
What would I be?
What if I stopped
Would you like me?

Sometimes/Some posts








"@lilyallen: Just saw Harry Styles having hair extensions put in #exclusive"

"@lilyallen: Just saw Harry Styles having hair extensions put in #exclusive"

Tell me I’m brilliant and talented
And that I’m the best
And do you think I’ve still got it?
I think I’ve been depressed

Let me be Sheezus
Miserable Without Your Love - Lily Allen

But I want my evenings
And I want my girlfriends
And I want my peace
And I want my drugs
And I want my figure
And I want my glamour
And I want my life back
Where you’re mine

Sometimes I think to myself
That I might have got it all
The path I’ve chosen
Might not be the one I should be on
Miserable Without Your Love - Lily Allen
Eva: Is your personality something you constantly have to keep in check?
Lily: I’m not only addictive, I’m rebellious and self-destructive. It’s something I have to fight now. Whether it’s offending someone, or drinking, smoking. Doing something I shouldn’t be doing. Denying myself happiness, clarity. Constant distractions. I remember when I went into treatment, not for drugs or anything, just when I had a bit of a wobble, I went into a ‘place’ and they told me to sit on my bed, without television, or a book, just to be alone with my thoughts for an hour. It’s one of the hardest things I’ve done.