Deixe-me ser então
Though he tries to pacify her
What’s inside her never dies
Amy Winehouse - He Can Only Hold Her
The death of (almost a romance and the unloved Queen)

  There was no magic there when you looked at me. I could easily have walked through the door, not even looked behind, but I did. Why did I look? Was there a hope? Is there still a hope? Why am I not feeling it? I think that we were never “us”, we didn’t exist, there was never me and you.

   ’cause I begged you, I begged you “not to kill me in your heart”, and you promised it, but now I’m in public and I feel the executioner holding the scythe.

   Are you with anyone? Would you lie to me? How dare you? Could you explain me why you weren’t with me, however you were with him?

    I’m tired of your sick games, no no, i’m not telling you that. I don’t know, I just wanna something, but, but, but, but. The executioner, he’s faster, he want my neck , why don’t you stop him? I’m everything you need, everything you wanted. Why don’t you love me?

    Well, but I would say that we had our moments, but we didn’t, we are a unborned baby, who everyone wanted to see alive and happy, but the mom bled before it borned. We are something who would exist, but we won’t.

     And now I feel the love that you didn’t feel for me, it hurts, i can say it, I wish you lucky, but a miserable life. I wish you gold, but the hardest times. ‘Cause when i needed you the most, you betrayed me in front of all these people and they are looking at me, judging me, they think I’m a mess, and maybe I am. But it’s all your fault, honey, you could think you are gentle, but you’re not. Although, you  always will be the best thing I never had, until dead, until my death. I accept the scythe of the executioner.

So cute ^^
And yes, we are kidding =p

So cute ^^

And yes, we are kidding =p